Our Services on Crooked Creek

Available at Song Dog Shuttles.

Here at Song Dog, we strive to make your fishing trip the best possible. Once you have selected the trip you want to take just schedule with us and we will take care of the rest.

Your options are as follows:

1. We meet you at your designated starting point and time. You already have your own kayaks and we shuttle one or more of your vehicles to the exit point on the creek at the end of your float. Your vehicle will be parked locked in whatever parking is available at that creek exit. We can discuss the methods of locking your vehicle when you schedule your trip.

Song Dog Kayaks
We can put you in at several points along Crooked Creek depending on how long you want to float. The main points are listed below but there are a few unlisted accesses that can shorten or lengthen your float depending on your needs. I can further discuss these as we schedule your float.
Harmon Low Water Bridge Access Point

Harmon Low Water Bridge

This is a long float as the first get out point is Pyatt. Most folks use this as an overnight float but it can be done in a day (6-8 hours) depending on water conditions and how much you fish.
Pratt Access Point

Pyatt Access

This is a nice float and the first get out point is Snow access. This is usually a 3-5 hour float depending on water and fishing time.
Snow Access Point

Snow Access

This is a good float today as the first get out point is Georges Creek. This is a 5-5.5 mile float with good fishing holes along the way.

Georges Creek

This is a 7 mile float to Kelly’s Slab, a really good fishing stretch.

Kelly's Slab

This is a short float into Yellville (the last get out) but a highly regarded fishing stretch, although it does get fished a lot.

Our prices are as follows:

Shuttles: $35/vehicle

** We accept cash or check, but do not accept credit cards at this time.

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