Hello All,

Since I received some rather humorous responses to the original posts testing the blog, I decided I should actually post something worthwhile. As I am new to writing blogs, I’ll keep it short and as ‘succinct’ as I can.

Crooked Creek is running about 10.2 feet at Kelly’s slab and about 5.12 feet at Harrison today. What that translates to is that the upper creek (Sharps slab, Harmon Slab) are pretty much too low for floating now unless you really like to portage a lot. We have had several rains in the last week but all were located to the east of Pyatt and consequently, the water just hit the lower half of the creek, raising the levels for a day but then dropping back down rather quickly. I put some people in at Pyatt yesterday and they floated to Snow Landing. They reported some dragging of their rigs but also caught some good fish. If we don’t get some rain soon, I’m afraid that Pyatt to Snow may get too low for a good float.

Tomorrow I am supposed to put some folks in at Snow and they will float to Kelly’s Slab but I’ll be watching the water and may recommend that they postpone. As a side bar, next year I plan to offer my kayaks on the White river as well as Crooked Creek so when the creek gets a little low you can still float and fish the White. I’ll be spending some time this year getting familiar with the in and out points I plan to accommodate on the White.

For those not familiar with Crooked Creek, Fish and Game are building a new boat ramp at George’s Creek. This will split the run from Snow Landing to Kelly’s Slab almost in half with probably a 5 mile run on the up side and a 6 mile run on the down side. I was there Monday when they pushed the concrete ramp into the creek with a couple of Cat dozers. Pretty neat to watch and I got a few pictures of the process. If I can navigate Word Press, I will try and get them posted in the Gallery area of my website. The ramp is scheduled to be completed sometime in September but is actually a good get out point now on the weekends or early and late weekdays when Fish and Game is not working. While they are there using machinery around the ramp, they do not want anyone trying to use it (understandably).

So that is where we stand today. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the folks that have already used Song Dog for their float and/or shuttle. We really appreciate your business and hope you will continue to use us in the future. As for me, I have made up some ‘hair rigs’ and plan to do a little fishin of my own as the kayaking slows down due to low water.

Regards to all