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Dan & Peggy Pratt

Peg and I retired in 2013, from our 35 year careers in Dallas and thus started a new chapter in our lives. We sold our house in Texas, relocated our belongings to storage, and moved to Arkansas where we had already purchased property several years back. Spending the winter of 2013 in a 19ft camper with our two dogs while our new house was being built is an experience that will not soon be forgotten although for many reasons you may not suspect.

It wasn’t long before we realized that we wanted something more than just being retired, but something short of another full time job so in spring, 2016 Song Dog Kayaks was born and another new chapter made its beginning (chapters seem to come faster after you retire).

In spring, 2023 after 6 years of rentals and shuttles, we are making a change to our business model dropping the rental side and concentrating on the shuttle service side only (as I said, chapters come faster now).

We are having a grand time and hope to see you this summer on Crooked Creek or the White River.

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