Hello All,

Today I want to give you all an update on the creek and on some new offerings we have here at Song Dog for this year.

First the creek.

Crooked Creek is running a little over 10.0ft at Kelly’s Slab and about 5.0ft at Harrison. The creek is running pretty low at this time and when my wife and I went on a ride-about today, some of the creek is actually iced over due to the low water. Course, it is early in the year and plenty of time for the spring rains to fill the creek and get it ready for fishing. My brother and one of my best friends are coming down next week for a few days and I suspect we will take out the fishing poles and try our luck at a few places I know on the creek not requiring a kayak to get to. If the weather is real nice, we may even do a float.

Georges Creek is now complete except for asphalting the parking lot. I haven’t talked to F&G for a while so I don’t know when they plan on completing it but I suspect it will be done in the near future. The ramp itself is truly an amazing design and you really ought to make plans to use it this year. It is as close to handicap accessible as you can probably get on the creek and I think F&G did an outstanding job in their design and execution. Its nice to know that sometimes your tax dollars really are well spent. I will try and have some pictures posted in the gallery section of my website soon.

New floats

Here at Song Dog, we are going to offer a few floats on the White River this year. I can’t service all the places on the White to get in but I have picked out three that should work OK for us and hopefully for you as well. We can accommodate Wildcat Shoals, Cotter, and Rim Shoals as ‘get in’ points and Ranchette as the last take out point for us. This will cover about 18 miles of river so should give you all a good fishing experience or just a great summer float, whichever you prefer. I have more info on the website and am working on getting pictures posted of all the get in sites. (We are modifying the website as we speak). My wife and I plan to do a few floats on the White ourselves (actually she already does with the ‘Women Hiking Ozarks (WHO) club she belongs to) to get a feel for the lengths and times of each ‘leg’ so hopefully, I’ll have more info to post about this at a later time. I am also trying to put together a flip chart to have on each of my kayaks that will have pictures of the different accesses on the creek and the river, as well as the fish that are indigenous to each and the catch limits. Not sure what exactly the printer needs to put this together so may take a bit to see it complete.

Also, we are pursuing adding credit card capability to our phones so we will be able to handle them as well. Trust me, being retired is a busy time of life…

New Kayaks

I plan on changing out my stable a little bit this year. After running Song Dog for a year, it seems everyone is very satisfied with the Wilderness Rides so I plan on having four Rides, two Tarpon 120’s, and one Tarpon 100 (my favorite) this year for my customers. Hope to have this done early this spring before the fishing rush starts.

So as you can see, we are staying busy and ‘livin life large’. I hope you are all in good health and the new year is treating you well. We look forward to seeing you all again this summer.

Dan & Peg